You have the perfect body.

Pay attention to what thoughts come up when you hear someone say that about you.  Here’s a common list:

“Shut up.”



“You haven’t seen me naked!”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Nobody’s perfect!”

“It would be perfect, if it were:  thinner, younger, taller, shorter, thicker, curvier, not as curvy, less wrinkly, less dimply, more muscular, less bulky, (insert vague parameter for beauty here).”

No wonder we hate our bodies.  Anytime someone gives us positive feedback we dismiss them, doubt them, tell them they are wrong.  We have to SHUT THAT DOWN.  We do this because to accept that we are physically perfect would mean that all the strife to obtain perfection was for nothing.  You don’t have to try to be what you already are.

This doesn’t mean you will always look the same, nor should you always look the same.  It just means that everything that has happened up until now created your present body, and in this moment, it is perfection.