We are about to embark on an exciting journey in May.  It’s Momma’s first Instagram challenge!  I used to hate these.  In the past, I felt like the people who participated were just very bendy people showing off.  There aren’t usually a lot of people posting in these challenges that looked like me.  When I found the people who did look like me, they weren’t getting a lot of response.  I get it though.  It’s way more exciting to see a pretty lady doing a handstand on a cliff than applaud a grandmother using that blanket so she can sit in Sukhasana.  We as yogis SHOULD want to applaud beginners though, and I feel if I am seeing a lack then it’s my place to represent my intermediate and beginning yogis out there.

I’m not hating on those with advanced practices.  They can do amazing things and have had to work a long time to get to where they are.    I aspire to do the things they do with their bodies, and I am excited to see what my practice will look like in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years from now.  Maybe I will be a gal on a beach balancing on my head, but until then….I’m just me.

This is me

So, this is me.

I don’t have a six pack, I have some spinal rotation, an anteriorly rotated right shoulder, and some pretty tight hips.  I’m open, willing and ready to learn and, most of all, share with you what yoga looks like for “regular folk.”  There will be props!  There will be modifications!  There will be butt cramps when I try to get into Half Lotus Tree!  It will be perfect.

If you want in on this challenge, follow BeachYogaGirl on Instagram.  Let’s do this together.