Bury or Heal

“All beings are Shiva, in relative degrees of self-concealment or self-revelation.” – Christopher Wallis from Tantra Illuminated A few months ago, I did my usual early morning shuffle into the bathroom.  I bent down to pull the bathroom scale out of it’s hiding place only to find it wasn’t there.   I panicked.  My husband must haveContinue reading “Bury or Heal”

There’s No Cure for Menstrual Rage

“The truth is, women are people and should be treated as such, with time out for physiological interferences…” – Amy Vanderbilt, Amy Vanderbilt’s Etiquette (1952) Do you remember those drug commercials for Sarafem, a “new” treatment of PMDD?  (That’s pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder.  It’s like PMS…but…well…worse.)  I remember the commercial featured a woman trying to pull a stuck shoppingContinue reading “There’s No Cure for Menstrual Rage”

Helplessness Blues

Lately, I’ve been thinking of that poster that hangs in a lot of elementary classrooms: “Before you speak: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?” This election touched a big nerve with me, as it did for a lot of people regardless of political beliefs, and I’ve been doing a lot of breathing andContinue reading “Helplessness Blues”


About a year ago, I had received an Instagram message from Namascray (you know, “the crazy in me honors the crazy in you,”) asking me to be a brand ambassador.  I’m sure they send out a hundred of these per week, but in the moment, I felt like Sally Fields accepting her Oscar, “You likeContinue reading “NamasDON’T”

It Has to Be

“When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite (positive) ones should be thought of.  This is pratipaksha bhavana.” –   Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, 2.33,  J. Carrera In 2008, my dad was laid off.  He was just another victim of the economic crunch that year.  His company, involved in cotton trade, laid off a lot of the “oldContinue reading “It Has to Be”

All at Once

“This is the real work: every part of you that has been exiled, condemned, rejected or walled off needs to be brought close, needs to be brought right into the heart, and allowed to merge into the light of loving awareness.” – Christopher Wallis “Are you excited about your move?” I get asked this questionContinue reading “All at Once”


On Wednesday afternoon, I stood in my local Sephora, glazed over.  Christmas music was already playing and pounding in my ears. “Can I help you find anything?” I was asked for the third time in five minutes. “No…I…um…I’m wandering aimlessly.” She blinked at me, and I looked down at the deep plum tinted lipstick inContinue reading “Troublemaker”

The Audacity to Rise Again

“Get down.  You’re going to fall.” Mentally, I was somewhere far away, and hearing these words snapped me back into the present.  I looked across my mother’s living room, to see my three year old niece crawling on a dining chair.  The look on little Cora’s face with a slightly raised eyebrow said it all.  She was prettyContinue reading “The Audacity to Rise Again”