What is Trauma-Informed Care?

Trauma-Informed Care means that I am a practitioner that understands the pervasive nature of traumatic experience, and I make a sincere effort to actively prevent further trauma.

It is an approach to care that emphasizes informed consent, communication, and client choice. Depending on the client, this can look a variety of ways: Adjusting lighting or temperature, staying away from certain parts of the body, collaborating on treatment plans, offering clothed bodywork options like Shiatsu, Thai, or Reiki, communicating more about what the treatment session will look like, asking consent to be touched, options for quiet or changing music, and more.

The premise of this care is that the client is the expert of their own lived experience. Trauma-informed care offers choices in treatment and emphasizes informed consent so that clients can feel empowered and active participants in their healing.

You are the healer. I am simply holding the space for your innate healing abilities to come to the surface.

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“Feeling wonderful, like I worked out in a gym for my posture. Head up, shoulders back, chest out. Thank you.”

Hank H. – massage client

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